I’m free to do what I want:

I can work as late as I can.

I don’t have to get up in the morning so early anymore,

because you’re not here.
I have a lot of me-time now.

I can spend all my time with your dad

from the time when he finally arrives home

until we retire to bed for the night.
This may be freedom,

but it’s freedom unwanted,

because I miss you so,

and I realize now

how much my life evolves around you …



You said there are no conditions to your love for me,
and that, if I want to talk, I should feel free,
yet, whenever I tell you what’s on my heart,
an argument or a fight you’d start.

You said I must discuss my problems first with you,
and you always yelled at me if I failed to,
always criticising and attacking me before
sweeping in front of your own door!

Gradually, I’ve hidden myself from you more and more,
and now, when you knock on my heart’s door,
I talk to you through a window or a keyhole
to keep you from pronouncing your biased judgments over my life and soul …