I’m lying awake in the middle of the night
with so many things on my mind
all at the same time.
Just like school children talking at once,
hoping to get the teacher’s undivided attention.

Wait children! Wait!
We all have a story,
but everything happened once upon a time,
not twice together!

Like someone in a library scanning books,
looking for something interesting to read,
I scan through the shelves of my mind,
looking for a thought worth focusing on,
and the one about you is the one I retrieve.

You with your blue eyes,
your calm voice,
your traumatised soul …
Is it a sin for me
to want to pull you closer,
just to reassure you:
everything’s gonna be okay,
although I really don’t know for sure.

I want to do to you
exactly as one song says:
tell you sweet little lies
to take the pain away.
But the thing is that you’d know
I’m just lying to make you feel better.
After all, you’re no kid anymore …

I can’t sleep …
I can’t sleep!
You’re on my mind now,
all the time,

and the thought of you
brings many tears to my eyes,
because I hate seeing you like this.
I have insomnia tonight …
I’m wasted … for you …



To my friend and sister in the spirit who lost someone who loved her and whom she loved last Saturday night.

I know your sorrow, because I too can feel it.
I see your pain, and I wish I could heal it.
I know you’ve been sighing, because I’m sighing too.
I know you’ve been crying, because I’m crying with you.

I’ve never been where you are now,
yet I can genuinely carry your burden somehow.
So then, except that you’re in my thoughts and prayers,
I want you to know: there’s someone who cares.

What I have to offer you isn’t all that smart,
but at least, it’s no cliche and it’s meant from my heart …