I’m free to do what I want:

I can work as late as I can.

I don’t have to get up in the morning so early anymore,

because you’re not here.
I have a lot of me-time now.

I can spend all my time with your dad

from the time when he finally arrives home

until we retire to bed for the night.
This may be freedom,

but it’s freedom unwanted,

because I miss you so,

and I realize now

how much my life evolves around you …




All the time I spent in holy matrimony with you
Has compensated for all the losses I suffered without you

And your precious love and affection in my life.
I’m so happy and honoured to be called your wife!

I remember the torture of seeing couples in love and together
While I was alone, and how I prayed to God to change the weather

Conditions of the season in my cold, lonely life without love.

From nowhere, you suddenly appeared and set me free
From sadness, opression and captivity

brought on by incompleteness and loneliness.
I’ve waited so long for a love like this!

So on some nights when love becomes our souls’ glue
that joins us together and makes one of two

bodies, souls, minds and hearts,

the body rush and your heart’s voice say, “you are mine”
and together, that love and reassurance help me feel the sunshine

even if thunderclouds are in the air
or if darkness is in us, around us, eeverywhere!

I am therefore so grateful toward God above
For providing us with a way to express our love

For each other when words are not enough.

So eat your honey and drink your wine,
For I am yours only and you are mine.

Eat and drink and have your fill.
Let’s feel the joy; let time stand still

For us until dawn breaks and the shadows flee!

Then, tomorrow, when it’s daytime and you are gone
and I’m at home and so aware that I’m alone,

I’ll remember and hold on to the love we’ll make tonight …


The following poem is one of my poems which I wrote about two years ago while I still blogged with I hope you’ll enjoy this.

Always remember that I’m still here,

whether or not you want me near!

I know your lick is not an expression of your love for me,

But that it stems from your wolfy desire to eat sheep like me,

But just remember, if ever I should lick

Your fur so warm and thick,

It won’t be meant as a plea

To let me go, to set me free …

Remember that I was and am still willing to lay down my life for you,

No matter how much you may hurt me by what you say or do.

I forgave you in the past, so I can do it again

although this whole thing drives me totally insane!

If I can find the key to letting you go,

My belief in and commitment to God will oblige me to do so …

Although I won’t dare just yet to reach out a helping hand,

I’m still the only one  trying to understand

why you’re doing what you’re doing and your side of the story

or why you chose to fall into ashes from glory!

while everyone else is discussing you and gossipping about you.

I know you can live without me and I without you.

and it’s best if we never ever meet in this life again,

because maybe that’d cause either one or both of us pain …


You said there are no conditions to your love for me,
and that, if I want to talk, I should feel free,
yet, whenever I tell you what’s on my heart,
an argument or a fight you’d start.

You said I must discuss my problems first with you,
and you always yelled at me if I failed to,
always criticising and attacking me before
sweeping in front of your own door!

Gradually, I’ve hidden myself from you more and more,
and now, when you knock on my heart’s door,
I talk to you through a window or a keyhole
to keep you from pronouncing your biased judgments over my life and soul …


A fresh poem from the bottom of my heart to my husband who has to make some very difficult choices and take some drastic steps to manage during this difficult time we’re facing together.

My love, I know you feel like a piece of trash
when things don’t work out for us as you want it to,
when you’re out of plans as to what to do,
and it seems as if you’re being led to a carcrash.

I understand that, although we know this is due to circumstances
and things we cannot really control,
the worry it brings feeds on our energy and the sobriety of the soul,
and life seems like a constant gamble having to take chances.

Nevertheless, I believe we’ll make it through this bumpy ride
of life if we keep on doing our best
and trust in God to do the rest.
So let’s keep moving, side by side,
trusting in a Higher hand and standing strong: together, united..


Kisses are sometimes a wordless promise to return.
It can start fires and make you burn.

Sometimes, a kiss signals the end of a fight.
It can also be an invitation to stay for the night.

Whatever the occasion, when your lips touch mine,
it’s like drinking old and reputable wine.

Their tenderness makes me believe that I can fly.
It’s the medication that heals me and the drug that gets me high.

Forgive me for my addiction and substance abuse,
but no rehabilitation is needed; there’s simply no use!

You’ll just end up wasting your precious time and energy.
Besides that, I have an allergy:

I get homesick when I’m away from you,
so living with my addiction is the only thing you can do …


In times of uncertainty when I didn’t know what to do,

I could always count on you

for a calm response and sound advice,

and for words that comfort, words that are nice.
When it feels as if my troubles don’t matter to anyone at all,

you were there to help me stand and to prevent my great fall.
When I feel ugly, useless, and sad,

You always make me feel beautiful, useful, and glad.
I hope that, together, we’ll grow old,

and that we’ll keep on sheltering each other against the cold

winters of life, so that we may stand strong

against all things evil and all things wrong …