The following poem is one of my poems which I wrote about two years ago while I still blogged with I hope you’ll enjoy this.

Always remember that I’m still here,

whether or not you want me near!

I know your lick is not an expression of your love for me,

But that it stems from your wolfy desire to eat sheep like me,

But just remember, if ever I should lick

Your fur so warm and thick,

It won’t be meant as a plea

To let me go, to set me free …

Remember that I was and am still willing to lay down my life for you,

No matter how much you may hurt me by what you say or do.

I forgave you in the past, so I can do it again

although this whole thing drives me totally insane!

If I can find the key to letting you go,

My belief in and commitment to God will oblige me to do so …

Although I won’t dare just yet to reach out a helping hand,

I’m still the only one  trying to understand

why you’re doing what you’re doing and your side of the story

or why you chose to fall into ashes from glory!

while everyone else is discussing you and gossipping about you.

I know you can live without me and I without you.

and it’s best if we never ever meet in this life again,

because maybe that’d cause either one or both of us pain …