To my friend and sister in the spirit who lost someone who loved her and whom she loved last Saturday night.

I know your sorrow, because I too can feel it.
I see your pain, and I wish I could heal it.
I know you’ve been sighing, because I’m sighing too.
I know you’ve been crying, because I’m crying with you.

I’ve never been where you are now,
yet I can genuinely carry your burden somehow.
So then, except that you’re in my thoughts and prayers,
I want you to know: there’s someone who cares.

What I have to offer you isn’t all that smart,
but at least, it’s no cliche and it’s meant from my heart …



A fresh poem from the bottom of my heart to my husband who has to make some very difficult choices and take some drastic steps to manage during this difficult time we’re facing together.

My love, I know you feel like a piece of trash
when things don’t work out for us as you want it to,
when you’re out of plans as to what to do,
and it seems as if you’re being led to a carcrash.

I understand that, although we know this is due to circumstances
and things we cannot really control,
the worry it brings feeds on our energy and the sobriety of the soul,
and life seems like a constant gamble having to take chances.

Nevertheless, I believe we’ll make it through this bumpy ride
of life if we keep on doing our best
and trust in God to do the rest.
So let’s keep moving, side by side,
trusting in a Higher hand and standing strong: together, united..

Forgive me
for keeping quiet
when I was expected to say something.

Forgive me
for my too many words
when I should’ve said nothing.
Forgive me
for thanking or recognizing you too late
and for thereby making you think
that everything you’ve done for me was in vain.

Forgive me
for making you sad,
for having disappointed you,
and for having been a pain.

Accept me
in spite of who I am.
Give me a chance to make it right with you.

Notice me
like you once did,
and this time, I won’t again ignore you.


From the outside, You appear to some so boring and dead,
With only empty promises to offer of new life, healing, and daily bread.
You appear from outside as a green apple so sour,
or as someone watching us from afar with no power.

Some say You’re a bully not worthy to please;
creating to destroy, promoting violence, not peace.

To some, Your precepts are just another man-made system governing people’s behaviour,
because to them, You’re non-existent, so there’s no need for a saviour.
No need to repent and live a pure life,.
They say that following You is just another way to cause strife.
For there are those from inside who only talk to outsiders about Hellfire,
thinking that this will ultimately lead them to start to desire
to love You, to honour You, and to hold You dear,
while all this really does is to manipulate people by fear.

But when I stepped inside years ago to seewhat it’s like in there,
I found Your countenance to be both holy and fair.
I discovered that your Word truly is a lamp to my feet.
Your presence became to my spirit manna so sweet.
It brinngs joy and comfort to my soul.
It empowers, restores, clenses,and makes whole.
Being in You is so very pleasing to the heart.
Reflecting on Your works makes one exclaim, “How great thou art.”

No longer do I follow You only to avoid the fire of Hell anymore.
Bing with you forever is what I’m living for.

My desire for others is to want to know the loving, compassionate You,
so that they would want to voluntarily follow You too …


Kisses are sometimes a wordless promise to return.
It can start fires and make you burn.

Sometimes, a kiss signals the end of a fight.
It can also be an invitation to stay for the night.

Whatever the occasion, when your lips touch mine,
it’s like drinking old and reputable wine.

Their tenderness makes me believe that I can fly.
It’s the medication that heals me and the drug that gets me high.

Forgive me for my addiction and substance abuse,
but no rehabilitation is needed; there’s simply no use!

You’ll just end up wasting your precious time and energy.
Besides that, I have an allergy:

I get homesick when I’m away from you,
so living with my addiction is the only thing you can do …


In times of uncertainty when I didn’t know what to do,

I could always count on you

for a calm response and sound advice,

and for words that comfort, words that are nice.
When it feels as if my troubles don’t matter to anyone at all,

you were there to help me stand and to prevent my great fall.
When I feel ugly, useless, and sad,

You always make me feel beautiful, useful, and glad.
I hope that, together, we’ll grow old,

and that we’ll keep on sheltering each other against the cold

winters of life, so that we may stand strong

against all things evil and all things wrong …


A very warm welcome to my blog where I post some of the poems I’ve written.
Just a warning though: although the contents of this blog is my work, not all my poems necessarily reflect my own life experiences or feelings …
But thanks for popping in, and I hope you enjoy my poems.