All the time I spent in holy matrimony with you
Has compensated for all the losses I suffered without you

And your precious love and affection in my life.
I’m so happy and honoured to be called your wife!

I remember the torture of seeing couples in love and together
While I was alone, and how I prayed to God to change the weather

Conditions of the season in my cold, lonely life without love.

From nowhere, you suddenly appeared and set me free
From sadness, opression and captivity

brought on by incompleteness and loneliness.
I’ve waited so long for a love like this!

So on some nights when love becomes our souls’ glue
that joins us together and makes one of two

bodies, souls, minds and hearts,

the body rush and your heart’s voice say, “you are mine”
and together, that love and reassurance help me feel the sunshine

even if thunderclouds are in the air
or if darkness is in us, around us, eeverywhere!

I am therefore so grateful toward God above
For providing us with a way to express our love

For each other when words are not enough.

So eat your honey and drink your wine,
For I am yours only and you are mine.

Eat and drink and have your fill.
Let’s feel the joy; let time stand still

For us until dawn breaks and the shadows flee!

Then, tomorrow, when it’s daytime and you are gone
and I’m at home and so aware that I’m alone,

I’ll remember and hold on to the love we’ll make tonight …


Author: Leeuin

I'm a down-to-earth Christian woman in my thirties, happily married, and the mother to two kids, a boy and a girl. I love writing, because it gives me the platform to be creative. However, this is not all there is to it for me. Writing about stuff also serves as a kind of a therapy that helps to equip me to overcome life circumstances positively, which was the initial reason for my decision to join Wordpress, because then I'd be able to launch a personal blog where I can share my life experiences, life lessons, and emotions at a given time. As such, I would definitely appreciate your listening ears (or reading eyes) if they are well-intended, but most certainly not if they're aimed at fishing what's going on in my heart, or if the only aim is to continuously criticise. Oh, and just to make sure you won't be disappointed: as a rule, I don't do pics. I might add a picture sometimes, but in general, adding pics to the stuff I write isn't realy my thing. Nevertheless, I hope you'll enjoy whatever you read here, and I'll be very pleased if you find some of the articles helpful or if they can positively contribute to your life. You're more than welcome to follow me if you like. I'd feel very honoured if you do that, and ... I FOLLOW BACK!

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